Pre-Shoot Checklist:

Treat your photoshoot as your first showing, this will be a buyers first impression!

Please help us make the best photos possible for you by following our checklist as closely as possible.  You can stay during the shoot or leave the property for the duration of the photo shoot, whatever you are comfortable with!  

#1 Tip: DECLUTTER!- Homes photograph much better without personal items & clutter. If you wouldn’t see it in a model home, please put it away.  Please make sure furniture and things that you do not want to show in photos are removed.  Prep is crucial!

All Rooms:

  • Clean & clear every room from clutter
  • Replace burned out light bulbs with matching bulbs (same wattage, no colorful bulbs)
  • Wipe down windows & mirrors- smudges show
  • Put away all mail/papers/toys/remote controls/etc
  • Put away all clothes, laundry baskets
  • Hide pet evidence including toys, bowls, beds, etc.
  • Turn off all TV’s and computer monitors
  • Turn off all ceiling fans.
  • Turn on all interior lights including lamps, overhead/ceiling fan lights/architectural niche lights/kitchen range overhead light/under cabinet lighting, etc. Everything with a lightbulb!
  • Please open all the blinds/curtains
  • Please unlock your doors - screen doors, sliders, side doors, pool house doors, etc.
  • Remove ALL vehicles from the driveway & front of your home- Try not to park directly across the street if possible (will be seen through windows)
  • Hide/remove all garbage cans/waste baskets from view


  • Make all beds
  • Put away all clothes
  • Close closet doors
  • Clear off end tables & dressers of clutter


  • Clear off countertop completely
  • Hide ALL toiletries - both on counters and in bath/shower
  • Wipe down mirrors/bath/shower
  • Please do not use shower or bath prior to the shoot in case we need to get creative and step inside a shower or tub
  • Please shut all toilet lids


  • Clear off all counters/surfaces completely- except 2 nice things MAX
  • Clear off refrigerator of magnets, papers, everything
  • Wipe down counters + stainless steel appliances
  • Hide knick-knacks & excessive small appliances
  • Put away ALL dishes
  • Remove sponges, soaps, dishes, drying rack and such from the sink


  • Roll up & put hose away/out of site
  • Make sure trash and recycling bin are hidden away
  • Put aware outdoor toys, bikes, etc.
  • Arrange patio/porch/balcony furniture to look inviting
  • Tidy pool areas - No clothes, towels, toys, coolers, vacuum, hoses, etc.
  • Remove wilted plants, cut grass if necessary
  • Sweep front walkway/entry 
  • Turn on pool and spa features- waterfalls, fountains, etc. We do not handle pool/spa features. If you would like to show off your pool’s features, please make sure these items are on. 
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